ARBONAIDA, More than just olive oil...

From Cordoba, where some of the world’s best extra virgin olive oil is produced due to it’s climate and soil composition. This project began with the aim of spreading and promoting the Olive Oil Culture, the #AOVE, and so that our precious olive oil may be enjoyed the world over. Processed and developed to reach the highest possible standards and quality, making sure our passion is embedded into everything we produce.

We control the olive’s journey right from when the flower appears, until it is bottled. This is essential for us as we are committed to producing natural, additive free oils distinctive from the rest.

Our team

The ARBONAIDA team consists of a highly skilled group of individuals, equally passionate about their work and the significance of the oil they help produce. It is through our people that the soul and values of our company continue to live on, and their motivation stems from the commitment to continuously improve the quality of what we produce.